I am woman in my early 30's. To be more precises, I am a Trans-woman (MTF - Male to Female) .

A quick back story:
I was raise both in and out of the country. I moved back to the states early in my life. I remember when I was young I would wear blankets as dresses and even watch cartoons/anime that was geared towards girls. I then hit 8/9 years old and was scared out of my mind because of puberty that was soon to come. I hated thinking of having hair on my body/face and deep voice. Then I started going into deep depressive states around 11 years old. I was called "Gay", "Fag/Faggot", ect. This only made it worse. I do remember many times trying to kill myself. My mother did find out a few attempts I recently found out talking to her. I stayed to myself most of my teen years also day dreaming of being a girl. It was not until I reach my early 20's I started buying Sailor Moon Girl Shirts. This was my first female article of clothing. It made me extremely happy but I was unable to wear it in public due to fear of ridicule. It was 3 years ago I found out about transgender. I then transition with out HRT (Hormone Replacement Theory) last year after a major car accident. I fell into a depression after the accident because I was living a lie as a boy. It was around March/April I started looking for a therapist to help me. That in it self was a hellish endeavor find someone that dealt with gender identity. After a seeing my therapist, I was recommended to start HRT. I started HRT on 31st January. As I am typing this I am almost to my 8 months on hormones. Since I transition, I personally never felt better. My depression is extremely rare. While before I would just stay in a more depressive state all the time. This was the best thing I have ever done. Unfortunately, there are no protections for me in Alabama so I am not completely out.

Other Things About me:
Education: Bachelors in Computer Programming.
Interest: Coding, Speed running (Classic games only), watching Anime
Favourite Shows: Sailor Moon, Bleach, Inuyasha, Angel Beats, and most other animes
Music: System of a Down, Shiina Ringo, School Food Punishment